GProCommission Leadership Revolution Interview (Free Resources)

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July 10, 2018
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July 24, 2018

GProCommission Leadership Revolution Interview (Free Resources)

Bruce Witt is a pastoral trainer whose emphasis is on Christ-centered leadership: establishing Christ as leader in every follower. Watch and learn how Leadership Revolution is challenging and inspiring leaders all over the globe.

Leadership Revolution is generously sharing their many incredible resources with all the pastoral trainers and leaders of the GProCommission, free of charge and available to you on the GProLearning site.

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GProCommunity written interview below:

GProCommunity: You have a background in business; how did the Lord lead you to start Leadership Revolution?

Bruce: I had over 30 years of experience working with, training and mentoring executives. After ten years as a marketing executive with Shell Chemical Company, I was called to Christian Business Men’s Connection, a marketplace ministry. I was doing extremely well at Shell as a marketing executive, winning numerous national awards, yet when I reflected on these accomplishments I was confronted with the following questions–“What am I giving my life to? What will count in eternity? What does God hold to be important?” I knew that selling petrochemicals, even if done with a right motive, would not produce results that would last in eternity. In addition, the Lord clearly answered many prayers and gave confirming Bible verses that pointed to leaving the corporation and working in a marketplace ministry, the Christian Business Men’s Connection. I worked in this ministry for the next 20 years. There I oversaw the national field ministry, training and resource development and represented them globally.

After seeing much good and a fair amount of poor leadership, the Lord allowed me to leave that ministry and launch out on my own to found Leadership Revolution in 2008 to develop leaders with a biblical perspective and best practices to significantly impact their sphere of influence for God’s kingdom. I found that among so many leaders, no matter the context–pastors in churches, directors in ministries, or leaders in business, there was one glaring consistency; the leaders were working out of their own strengths and resources trying to please the Lord, and much of what they found was emptiness and frustration. There was little spiritual fruit because the work was being done sincerely and diligently, yet its origin was in the flesh, which the Lord does not honor.

We needed to change how we do leadership. We must move from working in our natural gifts to allow the supernatural power of God flow through us. We must recognize that He is the only source of power and that power can only be released through our dying to self (brokenness) and our heart surrender.

Pastors and pastoral trainers have a large opportunity to influence many, yet they themselves need encouragement and equipping. The leadership process of training clearly ministers to the heart and releases the power of God through people versus leaders striving and relying solely on their own strength and experience.


GProCommunity: What is the ministry of Leadership Revolution?

Bruce:   Our vision is to transform leaders in every continent who will multiply the Gospel to the nations by the power of Christ’s leading. The result will be changed lives as Christ is released through leaders of companies, organizations and families. We deliver leadership equipping through a dynamic, relational process to empower the next generations. We then seek to form long-term partnerships with businesses and organizations to multiply the growth.

Our mission is to revolutionize leadership by establishing Christ as Leader in every follower, thus equipping leaders with the transformational leadership of Christ through:

  • Partnerships – Providing leadership development processes and training to businesses, ministries, and churches.
  • Leadership Forums – Providing a platform for leaders to connect, grow, learn and help one another.
  • Leadership Services – Providing coaching and mentoring to leaders. Providing strategic planning and resource development to organizations.

GProCommunity: How do you believe Leadership Revolution can help pastoral trainers or the pastors they are overseeing?

Bruce: We are partnering with a number of ministries and do church planting as well as the work of training pastors. We have excellent materials that help develop pastors so they grow in the leadership skills that are needed the most: planning, coaching, team building and servant leadership.  

GProCommunity: You train leaders from all walks of life. Can you share more about your approach to leadership training and why it’s essential for those in ministry?


Bruce: We have a leadership crisis throughout the world (USA, etc). Leaders are leaving churches, ministries and businesses due to a lack of effective biblical skills, burnout and moral failure. We have hundreds of thousands  of books, seminars and workshops, yet we are falling behind.

Leadership Revolution offers the “One Leader” training, which is a revolutionary approach that actually releases the supernatural power of Christ through the leader. The result is a significant Kingdom Impact, with transformed leaders who transform families, businesses, ministries and nations.

People on every continent are in need of Christ as difficulties intensify globally. We don’t always lack men, methods, money and organizations to meet the needs. We do, however, lack leaders through whom Christ can fully work. God is on mission and seeks to use anyone who is wholly devoted to Him. Leadership Revolution was founded to raise up leaders of the future–leaders among whom Christ lives and through whom He can lead.

GProCommunity: Can you share one recent praise report/testimony from a pastor you trained?

Bruce: We have done direct ministry in over 37 countries, including India, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala and many more. Recently, I just returned from China, where we trained  80 church planters–they were extremely encouraged. A few months back we were in Ghana, where we trained over 500 pastors and 100 trainers of trainers across three different denominations in the One Leader training. The pastors came from small towns and rural villages with a hunger for Christ and a great desire to serve their people/communities.


This was a very unusual event, especially for one denomination which almost exclusively keeps leadership training “in-house.”  The area director for the denomination had heard about the teaching and previously been the head of the Ghana Evangelism Committee, so he was eager to equip his pastors and leaders in the “One Leader” message. Many of these pastors have served for a number of years, yet this teaching created a paradigm shift in who is the source of power and how the power is released. Here is some of the direct  feedback.

One of the district (senior) pastors said, “I have been struggling to lead and do certain things in what was regarded as “my church,” but now the burden has been taken off my head. I have transferred everything to Jesus. I believe He can and will do it; He owns the Church.”

Another pastor said, “Now, I know that Christ is the Leader of His Church, I have handed it over to Him.”

“I have been acting as the driver of the vehicle (the church), putting Christ on the passenger seat by my side. I bring Him in only when I see danger ahead and feel I need His assistance. I have realized that He should be the driver whilst I occupy the passenger seat, allowing Him to take charge of His church.” Rev. P

“To sum it up, Leadership Revolution is Christ-centered and Bible-based. Pastors and Church leaders have been called to follow Christ, as disciples. He will produce the fruits as we abide in Him. Our hard work can only produce fruits if we allow Him to work in and through us. We are fruitful as much as we allow Him to be in control. The Church everywhere needs this paradigm shift if we are to be effective, fruitful and fulfilling the purposes of our calling.”  Sam O. Church Pastor/Pastoral Trainer


GProCommunity: What is your biggest concern for the pastors you train?

Bruce: Our biggest concern is that so many leaders need to have a pastor or coach who is available to come alongside and offer practical coaching tailored to that pastor’s specific, local needs. If a pastor lacks quality resources and training, it is our goal that the trained leader is then able to give them the coaching and mentoring they need.

One Leader training relies on the Holy Spirit and the Bible to truly change lives and meet the needs of the local pastors. We offer tools, training and resources online to help trainers to be more effective and bear more fruit.

GProCommunity: What is the number one leadership challenge you believe pastors are facing today?

Bruce: I feel that the number one leadership struggle for pastors is that they are often doing everything in their own strength, without the proper leadership skills and organization. We address these two challenges in the One Leader curriculum–in fact, these are two of the pillars of what we teach.

GProCommunity: Can you break down the resources you have made available and tell us how the GProCommunity can access your incredible  curriculum online?

Bruce: Yes, there are three books actually:

  • “There is One Leader and You Are Not it” – This is a book that will radically change your paradigm of leadership by helping you see that Christ is the actual leader working in and through us, empowering us to fulfill the role of leadership that He has entrusted to us. It provides a deep, spiritual foundation.
  • “SERVE” –  This is the practical application of leadership that unpacks five key disciplines that will greatly leverage and enhance the fruit of the work.
  • “The Power of Attitude” – This latest book is about helping every pastor to be truly encouraged in the heart as well as providing a roadmap of dealing with difficult people and situations.

All our curriculum and books can be accessed through our website, and on Amazon. We are also excited to start offering these books for free on

Why not download one of Leadership Revolutions wonderful resources here and pass it on?


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