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GProCommission Essentials

A global instrument propelling the training of large numbers of undertrained and isolated pastoral leaders by every effective and efficient means possible to reach the next billion individuals with spiritual health.

All pastoral leaders with basic training and every pastor also a trainer of pastors, so that church health can keep pace with church growth

Faster delivery of better training to more pastoral leaders at lower costs since pastoral health affects church health and church health affects societal health

Connect, unite, and strengthen pastoral leaders and pastor trainers through sector-neutral, cause-related events, follow-up, e-training, and guided learning with the collaboration of nonformal, formal, and informal training streams

100,000 more pastor trainers
1 million better-trained pastoral leaders
10,000 relevant courses and curriculums featured
to accelerate church health wherever Christ’s Church is growing

GProCommission Mission:

Faster delivery of better training to more pastoral leaders at lower costs.

Join the GProCommunity

By the enablement of God’s Spirit, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to the glory of God, and for the health of the Church, the GProCommission, in partnership with like-minded individuals, churches, organizations, and institutions, seeks to:

RAISE large numbers of pastor trainers: 1,000 pastor trainers will commit to raising, on average, one new pastor trainer each year, toward 100,000 new pastor trainers by 2030.

TRAIN new pastoral leaders toward 1 million (100,000 X 10) better-trained pastoral leaders by 2030, reducing the global training deficit by 30-50 percent.

PROPEL the global pastor-training “industry” forward, by means of cross-sector convergence, and collaborative activities.

Join hundreds of pastor trainers from all sectors in this journey toward raising 100,000 new trainers of pastors and better training 1 million pastoral leaders.