February 28, 2019

Asking Good Questions and the Importance of Listening: Interview with Craig Glassock (Part 2 of 3)

Continued from Part 1 Helping People Grow Through Coaching. Reshared with kind permission of Leadership Resources International.  KH: I noticed when you were with LRI at our staff training, you asked a lot of really good questions. How did you get so good at asking questions, and what is your goal in asking questions? [Note: This “asking good questions” is different from the hermeneutical principle LRI uses with the same name.] CG: Naturally, I’m interested in people. I think that’s the way I’ve been put together—just the way God’s made me. My dad actually was a great asker of questions, […]
February 22, 2019

Interview with Venezuelan Pastoral Trainer: Resilience in times of turbulence

The GProCommunity team knows many pastoral trainers face tremendous challenges every day—even for years—and all of us face seemingly overwhelming obstacles at times in life. We believe one way the Lord Jesus enables us to “remain steadfast” (cf. James 1:12) is by hearing from each other. We were recently privileged to chat with a pastoral trainer remaining resilient in turbulence. Dr. Jesus Sampedro joyfully trains pastoral leaders amid the chaos and calamity that have overtaken his home country of Venezuela. We think his vision, passion and practical insights will both encourage you and help you press forward in pastoral training […]
February 12, 2019

8 Signs Your Church Is Actually Reaching Unchurched People

Reshared with kind permission from Carey Nnieuwhof So are you really reaching unchurched people at your church? How would you know…for real? Just because a church is growing doesn’t mean it’s filling up with unchurched people. Hoping to reach unchurched people is one thing. Reaching the unchurched is quite another. When unchurched people actually start connecting with your church, things change deeply. So how can you tell you’re really making inroads with the unchurched? When you see these 8 signs pop up in your church, you will know that you are really making inroads with the unchurched. Hoping to reach unchurched people […]
February 7, 2019

How to Recover from Preaching

Sharing with kind permission from Josh Reich. If I got to rank what I love about my job, preaching would be in the top two. I love the prep, working through a passage, a series, thinking through how to best present an idea, and praying about those who will be there, that God would work in their lives and draw them to Himself through my meager attempts at presenting His Word. There is a downside to this love. It is what happens after preaching. The recovery. I remember when Katie and I met with a doctor to talk about how […]