August 28, 2018

Leaving a Legacy

Each one of us will be remembered or judged by what we leave behind. The life we lived. The fights we fought. The family we raised. The ministry we did. The mission we accomplished. The impact we had. This is what we call LEGACY. It’s what you and I leave behind. We often think of LEGACY in terms of what to leave behind WHEN we retire, grow old or die. It shouldn’t be, right? Have you considered leaving a legacy NOW? You see, we don’t need to be in the retirement stage to begin to leave a legacy. We shouldn’t […]
August 14, 2018

When Preaching the Word is Costly

Guest post from Craig Parro, President of Leadership Resources To us, preaching the Word is a no-brainer. To people like Pastor John from Kenya, it is a costly choice. John used to be a “rhema” preacher—that is, one that ‘followed the Spirit’ in preaching—which really meant saying anything that came to his head at the moment. After studying 2 Timothy’s command to “preach the Word” during a TNT (Training National Trainers) workshop, John repented of his preaching approach and began to preach Word-saturated messages, beginning with Jonah. Many left his church, and one woman even said, “Tell the pastor we’ve had […]
August 7, 2018

3 Ways Almost Every Church Gets Stuck

Resharing with kind permission from Carey Nieuwhof.  At some point, almost every church gets stuck. If yours isn’t stuck right now, just wait a while. Every church and organization gets stuck at some point. Usually, churches get stuck because what was working stopped working, When that happens, leaders aren’t sure what to do. While figuring that out is complex (and a frequent subject of many posts on this blog), trying to find a solution is difficult if you’re looking in the wrong place. It’s easy to think that churches are prone to get stuck in the past. And that’s true. If there’s a trend, it’s […]