Dallas GProAcademy Global ReGathering

Dr. Ramesh Richard shares his timely insight on the current pandemic.
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September 2, 2020

Dallas GProAcademy Global ReGathering

Global ReGathering


Dallas GProAcademy Global ReGathering

June 29, 2020


Since 2005, God has brought about RREACH’s annual flagship event—the Global Proclamation Academy—each June in Dallas.

Alas, the current environment did not permit RREACH to host a 2020 class. If the Lord wills, we look forward to June 2021.

However, the God who is bigger than the global pandemic allowed RREACH to do something better. We invited all our graduates since 2005 to gather for a couple of memorable and strategic hours at a video meeting.

Some of the most memorable moments occurred in the first minutes of the call as graduates logged on. There were 183 hearts “dancin'” as they saw and connected with their classmates from 85 countries.

The goal of the Global ReGathering was to reconnect, encourage and recommission these graduates into their ministry contexts. They shared a special moment with Dr. Mark Bailey on his last day as the president of Dallas Theological Seminary. Begun under his presidency, DTS has been RREACH’s critical partner in the Dallas GPA initiative. Dr. Bailey administered a charge, an abbreviated version of which is available by clicking below.



Also in attendance was Dr. Mark Yarbrough, the then-incoming president of DTS. President Yarbrough spent time praying with and for the graduates. Dr. Yarbrough’s heart for the world was confirmed in this global welcome into his new position at the seminary’s helm. Click below to hear Dr. Yarbrough’s prayer.



After spending time in virtual “breakout” rooms with their own classmates, the graduates came back together to hear from Dr. Ramesh Richard. He gave them three action points from Hebrews 13.

First: to stay in touch with their classmates as life-long friends around the world.

Second: to connect with the Cause. As those who are among the most experienced trainers of pastors in their regions, Dallas GProAcademy graduates were encouraged to look to the Lord Jesus for equipping in order to spend their lives for His will.

Finally: to mobilize for the Commission. Graduates were charged with championing non-formal training in their contexts in order to build a glorious cathedral for God.

To hear Dr. Richard’s talk, click below.



This Global ReGathering brought to mind amazing memories of God’s faithfulness to the Dallas GPA and to RREACH over the past 15 years. It also was a preview of the future, when Yahweh will gather the world to worship His Son. Until then, as Dr. Richard told the graduates, the God of Peace, through His Savior-Shepherd, will fully outfit the totally deficient, and deeply infit the spiritually defective to please Him…for His glory (Heb. 13:20-21).


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About RREACH: A Global Proclamation Ministry, RREACH implements God’s calling and gifting on Ramesh Richard to promote the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide. RREACH accelerates our global impact by the wise use and mix of (1) personal proclamation, (2) media outreach, and (3) ministry training to evangelize opinion leaders, strengthen pastoral leaders, and reach large numbers of individuals, especially of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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