January 18, 2019

LEADING-WELL, Free Online Mentoring Resource

Perhaps you are encountering a new need in your ministry but can’t find anyone else familiar with your specific situation. For instance, maybe you are being led to start a ministry to refugees and are asking the Lord to place someone in your path who can help guide you. With experts from a wide range of backgrounds, such as leadership development, pastoral training, church planting, Muslim-Christian relations, evangelism, etc., Leading-Well offers users a variety of experienced ministry leaders to connect with for free, one-on-one coaching. Watch this short video interview with the visionary behind the Leading-Well platform, Brother C.J. Davison, […]
January 8, 2019

Unashamed Servant-Leadership

One year ago, Unashamed Servant-Leadership was released by Langham Publishing as part of the Global Perspectives Series.  How it came about to be published is another story but one that began at the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers in 2016.  Prior to that, this was just a research done to fulfill my doctoral study requirements at Tabor Adelaide, Australia.  At the Congress, I met Dr. Riad Kassis, a Langham Partnership Director and scholar who encouraged me to send my manuscript to the extended publishing arm of Langham.  There were no promises that the manuscript would be accepted.  I had sat on […]
January 1, 2019

The Addiction of Being Busy

Post reshared with kind permission from Joshua Reich.  There is an addiction in our culture to being busy, to not overloading our schedules. Some of this comes from personalities, saying we want our kids to have things we didn’t have, but many of us are afraid to miss out. We are also afraid of the silence and stillness that comes from unaccounted for moments. We afraid of the silence and stillness that comes from unaccounted for moments. Click To Tweet Many of us are too busy, running from work, kids games and practices, church programs, exercise, eating in the car, etc. I […]