Ramesh Richard and Global Pastoral Training

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April 12, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Ramesh Richard and Global Pastoral Training


Podcast interview with J.D. Payne and Dr. Ramesh Richard aired originally on “Strike the Match,”  Missiologically Thinking, reposted with generous permission by the same. 

“Church multiplication strategies must include pastoral training. Though some people believe pastoral training gets in the way of making disciples and planting churches, the bible advocates otherwise. “After church planting, what?” asks my guest, Dr. Ramesh Richard.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of pastoral training throughout the world. We address the global conversation related to this topic and both formal and non-formal training. Equipping pastors to equip the saints for the work of the ministry is vital to the health and multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches. The same apostle who desired the Word to spread rapidly and with honor (2 Thes 3:1) was the same apostle who taught the Ephesian elders the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Richard is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and founder and president of RReach Ministry (rreach.org).”

Listen to Strike the Match podcast here. 

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