Bible School on Wheels: Free Resource Gift “Equipping Leaders”

Bible School on Wheels: Free Resource Gift “Lessons from Kings of Judah”
December 24, 2017
Bible School on Wheels-Free Resource Gift “Become A Transformed Woman”
December 27, 2017

Bible School on Wheels: Free Resource Gift “Equipping Leaders”

Join Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation in the Launch of Bible School On Wheels Year #1, providing training, tools, and inspiration to pastors and TEN Deans in the quest to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.


For a preview of the TEN Bible School on Wheels, simply register on the site for each course individually after selecting the resource of your choosing for any or all of the FREE elective courses! Once you register, you can download or view the course as well as the PDFs! With the generous permission of TEN, you are allowed to copy and print for the pastors you are training as well as church members!
Please note: the below TEN elective courses are part of the Bible School on Wheels program – a new multi-year curriculum by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and other Global South teachers. The program is currently being translated into French and Mandarin with more languages to follow. This turnkey non-formal Bible School program with 10 Superbooks can be ordered for a special introduction price by GProCommission pastoral trainers and pastoral leaders. For more details watch the above video with Dr. Wilkinson and email . The BSOW kit includes all of the elements needs to begin a local school, including 5 Core DVD courses by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, 5 online Elective courses by Global South teachers, 10 hardcover 380-page SuperBooks ($29.99 retail) with accompanying training support material, as well as an official plaque, completion certificates and a host of marketing and promotional tools.

Women were uniquely and lovingly created by God to make a difference in the world. Study Hebrews 12:1-3 and you will discover some very practical steps to make an eternal difference in the lives of those you touch on a daily basis. Watch promo video for more info on this incredible free resource!


Look at the Kings of Judah and learn lessons from their leadership that you can apply today. Both the victories and failures of these kings give insights that apply to everyone, whether pastors, church or business leaders or family. Watch promo video for more info on this incredible free resource!

Equipping Leaders: Leaving a Legacy


Discover how to find the next generation of leaders, motivate them, train them so they too can finish the race. This wealth of practical experience will help you grow as a leader and establish a legacy that will impact generations to come! Watch promo video for more info on this incredible free resource!

 Look for tomorrow’s free resource!



  1. Felicity Tiira Rukaria says:

    I Would be very grateful to have all these books they are very useful to transform lives, I hold seminars for women according to ages, youth ministry and a bible lecturer to books to me is a great treasure. Live long Servants of the Most High God

    • GProCommission says:

      Hi Sister Felicity, Thank you for your interest in this exceptional curriculum. Please feel free to email them directly via the contact info in the blog. You can access each free elective by registering for a student ID. Blessings from the GProCommission Team!

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