3rd GProCongress Anniversary Video and Message from Dr. Ramesh Richard

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June 14, 2019
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3rd GProCongress Anniversary Video and Message from Dr. Ramesh Richard


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Three years ago, June 15–22, 2016, the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers convened in Bangkok, Thailand—and then the real event began. At this third anniversary of the GProCongress, we wish to encourage you with a glimpse of what God is doing through this short video and message from Dr. Ramesh Richard below. 

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the GProCongress in Bangkok, access our gift to you: “Teach the Church to Pray” available by download further below.

“A four-year event started with an eight day launch in June 2016.” That’s how I describe the Global Proclamation Commission for Trainers of Pastors. That event, the Global Proclamation Congress has catalyzed a movement, the Global Proclamation Commission. God has helped you exceed your stated commitments to train pastoral leaders.

If you were there you might remember facing a stark reality—95 percent of the world’s 2 million-plus pastors are seriously undertrained. As trainers of pastors of all kinds—individuals, churches, denominations, organizations and institutions—from all kinds of situations in 101 countries, we asked each other, “How we can better deliver training to pastoral leaders, so church health will keep pace with church growth, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America?”


We talked, listened, discussed, prayed and developed action plans to train a whopping 93,000 pastors by 2017 (our initial goal was 100,000 by 2020).  Then on June 22, the 2,573 of us left to begin the real event—training pastors.

So what has happened since then? The GProCommission has documented the training of more than 650,000 pastors and church leaders through the cumulative efforts of individuals, churches, organizations and institutions around the globe.*

And that is not all! God is moving pastoral trainers from across the spectrum toward greater collaboration, which is multiplying the results of all of our efforts. One trainer reflected, “Before going to the GProCongress I had a different mindset, it was all about me. Then God changed my mindset—it was all about health…. I cannot give what I do not have. So the Lord changed me forever.”  


Pastoral ministry influences more lives over the long term than any other profession. God has sent us as pastoral trainers to train pastoral leaders to live, think, preach and lead biblically (1 Pet. 5:1–4), because healthier pastors lead healthier churches, and healthier churches are more able to influence their communities.

The GProCommission is here to continue to encourage you in your noble and urgently-needed calling through four CORE fundamentals:

  • Build Community and explore Opportunity: GProConneXt.com, a secure, online community for trainers of pastors
  • Discover Resources: GProLearning.org, a pastoral training library hosting over 14,000 resources in 24 languages
  • Exchange Encouragement:
    • GProCommission YouTube channel, videos offering insightful interviews from pastoral trainers across the globe
    • GProCentral, a multilingual team available to strengthen you in your ministry; contact them via email or WhatsApp/SMS at +1 785 341 4294

Thank you, dear co-laborers, in the name of the Most High One, the Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name, to whose glory and for whose purposes we serve.

Strive on!

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* Notice: Following the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers in June 2016, the GProCommission seeks to capture in statistical form the number of pastors being trained around the world by various pastoral training organizations and institutions, churches, and individuals. The GProCommission acknowledges the immense work of the respective training organizations and institutions, churches and individuals, which is a testimony of the great need to train pastoral leaders.The data collected is for statistical purposes only and would serve as a database for all who would want to know how many pastoral leaders have been trained, how many are being trained, and who is training them.


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