Takeshi Takazawa Prayer Update

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April 21, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Takeshi Takazawa Prayer Update

One of the core values of the GProCommission is exchanging encouragement and a vital way we encourage one another is through prayer. For many of us, a very real battle began at the conclusion of the Congress and is still ongoing, like our wonderful GProCongress morning MC, Brother Takeshi Takazawa, who has been grappling with severe kidney issues since the Congress ended. He and his wife Dorrie, have been grateful for your ongoing prayers and gave their kind permission to share the most recent update. Please take a moment to pray for them but you may also find yourself encouraged from their journey. We rejoice with them for a good report as well as from the testimony of God’s faithfulness in the midst of a trial!

Takeshi’s journey has been a long and difficult one. On April 20th, Dorrie shared, “This week we have been amazed at how the Lord has orchestrated eight different doctor visits in four days. He has given us favor with everyone we have seen. Thank you for holding us up in prayer.”

This past week Takeshi saw his kidney specialist:

“Dr. Hotta said as we entered the room was “You are getting better! I am going to say many things today but you are getting better!” I was not expecting that. He showed me why I am getting better. He showed me how much I have been progressing since I first met him. Back then, my protein leakage was so high that they thought I was soon headed for dialysis. (We didn’t know I was that bad!). Today, it is down to the high side of normal leakage. Then I mentioned that the bleeding has not stopped. He said that the bleeding is getting better. It was immeasurable until last November. It has come down to measurable, and, he added, that the bleeding takes time. So, keep on going. The goal is remission. But, even if you don’t get there completely, you can keep your kidneys from ever needing dialysis in the future.”

Takeshi is learning much in this process.  “Our Lord pointed out how I am affected by what I choose to see. I was looking for zero bleeding two days ago. I didn’t see it, so I was discouraged. But Dr. Hotta is looking at it from where I was and the trend of my kidneys’ situation. The Lord brought the thought to my mind that spiritual progress is similar. I need to think about where I started. From where I started, under death and without Him, am I getting closer to Him or moving away from Him? He reminded me of this passage ‘Come near to God and he will come near to you (James 4:8).’

Such a great reminder to us all, and as Takeshi candidly shared “Even though I can easily be discouraged by what I look for in my own physical health or spiritual growth, I need to remember where I started and if I am getting better or not. As I move toward Him, He Himself comes to me. What an assurance! Lord, thank you for your salvation and for coming close to me as I come to you. May we all see how much progress we have made and praise God for that!”

Want to be an encourager today?

Spend time in prayer for brother Takeshi and his family as well as for your fellow pastoral trainers.

Specific Prayer Requests:

  1. For continued healing for the Takazawa family protection of their immune systems.
  2. Healing of Takeshi’s kidneys and the inflammation to stop!
  3. Energy for Takeshi and his wife to be able to focus to get their projects completed.


  1. Please tell our brother that I and the ministry will be praying especially for him and his family. Remember Psalm 34:19.

  2. Laji Paul says:

    Takeshi, will be upholding you in prayers. The Lord will give you the needed healing, grace and strength.

  3. Abraham says:

    We are praying in Ethiopia to Takeshi and to his family to be blessed by the grace and favor of God.

    • RREACH says:

      Thank you Abraham! What a blessing to have the body praying for Takeshi from all over the globe!

  4. Ignatius says:

    Although I have read of Takeshi”s a illness very late, I pray for his qick recovery and restoration of his exuberance for God”s glory

  5. Ignatius says:

    May the Lord remember what Bro Takeshi has done in His kingdom and restore his exuberance .

  6. Karma Tenzin says:

    Please pray for purity of church and good leader who can serve boldly without shame. All most all the church leaders are corrupted towards money and unholy which move more on to divorce and remarriage with other. So if you can uphold all this points in prayer please.

    • Brooke Sabonis says:

      Thank you Karma for sharing. We will definitely be praying for the needs you mentioned. God bless!

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