January 16, 2020
The Bible illustrates the essential characteristics of a leader.

Five Key Characteristics of a Leader

reshared with kind permission from Barry Voss. With this being an election year, the American people are looking for a leader. But what exactly is a leader? A leader is someone who not only is effective in positively influencing others, but who also demonstrates the character of a leader. People want  leaders they can trust to do what they say.  One’s character is what makes trust possible.   This is true for all leaders, whether they are political, business or church leaders. I believe that there are 5 basic characteristics of a leader: Characteristic #1 First, they must have integrity. It means […]
May 22, 2017

Leadership Development Consultation (LDC)

You are invited to the upcoming Leadership Development Consultation (LDC) At LDC 2017, Christian leaders from many nations will gather for prayer, learning, networking, collaboration and encouragement. We’re gathering thought leaders and field experts to tackle the most critical and timely issues for those who work in Christian leader development. Special RREACH discount (5%) & Super Early Bird Discount (30% off) The Super Early Bird Discount Expires: 12/31/16 at 11:59 PM (EST). With the discounts, the total registration fee would be $196.65 Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand! When: May 22-26, 2017 Come for a unique experience that will shape thinking and practice […]