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Training of Pastors: A high priority for global ministry strategy (UPDATED)

Editors Note: This article appeared originally on the Lausanne Movement website and was featured previously on Christianity Today. In this article, I consider the strategic priority of pastoral training for intentional global ministry and missions partnerships. I also propose practical considerations for both strategists and practitioners in pastoral training—whether individuals or churches, but especially for formal and institutional programs as well as non-formal organizational initiatives. Examples around the world: the need for pastoral training Recently, the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostals informally contacted the Kampala (Uganda) Evangelical School of Theology to help with basic training for their pastors—30,000 of them. Is […]


Biblical Preaching in Europe and Beyond! (Introducing New Preaching App)

We rejoice in the good news that through the prayerful efforts of Langham, pastoral training is taking place in 70 countries and growing! Even in pockets of the world that pose a hurdle to the Gospel like Spain, Austria and Turkey, a hunger is spreading among pastors for training. A deeper understanding of how to preach biblically is taking root and yielding a fresh crop of trained pastors with vision to impart the training they received. We were able to interview Rev. M, the Europe and Caribbean Director, to learn more. Read full interview below and then, further below, read […]

Salvation Grammar: Reformation’s Nouns & Prepositions

Over its first 1,300 years, “Christianity” increasingly separated from the Bible and developed a salvation grammar of its own. The Faith dislodged itself from the parameters of the Scripture’s epistemological (i.e., how we know what we know) foundation. The nouns of salvation were the same—grace, faith, works—except their meaning had been skewed by mere prepositions, those humble words critical for understanding nouns and phrases. At this 500th anniversary season of the evangelical Reformation, I have reflected on these prepositions with their presuppositions that direct the where, when, why, and most importantly, the how—how God’s salvation applies to all of us […]


Me? A Christmas Reflection: Virgin Mary’s incredible responses to the Angel’s announcement

At the graduation ceremony of 110 students from Costa Rica’s ESEPA (Evangelical Seminary for Pastoral Education) on December 13, where RREACH has established a Chair of Biblical Preaching and Pastoral Ministries (our second this year), I spoke about Virgin Mary’s incredible responses to the Angel’s announcement. Here’s the gist of my Christmas talk which God used deeply. You may respond similarly as well Mary, the virgin mother of our Lord Jesus, didn’t know she was participating in a Christmas Bible text! Her responses to the Angel’s recruiting trip to earth sets a life-long pattern for our servant-availability to God’s plans […]

aqueduct project

The Aqueduct Project: Conference Series on Advancements in International Pastoral Training

The Aqueduct Project, which provides access to high-quality resources to majority world church pastors for evangelical theological education, has held an ongoing conference series to help create further dialogue on advancements in international pastoral training. For some time, they have been studying present day needs, current movements, as well as future initiatives in international pastoral education. Reports from Past Conferences: “Innovation in the Development of Online Educational Content” (December 9, 2017) A report from this conference, chaired by Andrew Beaty, is currently in development. “Creating Synergy between Church-Planting and Pastoral-Training Initiatives” (October 14, 2017) For a report from this conference, […]


Update and Current Outcomes of the 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers

Update and Current Outcomes of the 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, in continuing the “training of pastors” worldwide  by Dr. Ramesh Richard Editor’s Note: For your reference, Dr. Richard’s article appeared originally on the Lausanne Movement website and was featured previously on Christianity Today. Since the original article appeared on the Lausanne website in September 2015, many developments have taken place. Below is an update since its first publishing. We invite you to check back via the GProCommission site for future updates.  Date of last update: February 2018 The Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, held June 15 – […]

Rev. Dr. D. John Richard

In Honor of Rev. Dr. D. John Richard

Dear praying friends, My hero, my dad, D. John Richard, just entered heaven to receive his eternal reward for a full life and fruitful labors (Saturday, February 3, 2018), just 17 days shy of his 95th birthday. It happened very fast. He fell last Sunday, and five times since then. We’re grateful and sad. I’m headed to Syracuse…just arrived in Dallas last night after 16 nights away. I wrote memories of him on my 15+ hour flight home, having just talked the exact streets and places of youthful life with him. Please pray for all of us. We have our Christ’s […]


May Only Special US $1.99 eBook download of “Preparing Expository Sermons

“The Bible is what God has made. Sermons are what we make with what God has made.” Dr. Ramesh Richard “‘Must reading’ for all who desire to preach the word.” Dr. Charles R. Swindoll Below are three options to purchase this invaluable online eBook download. AMAZON (Kindle) BARNES AND NOBLE (Nook) CHRISTIAN BOOK DISTRIBUTORS  (Ipad, Iphone etc.) We wanted to pass on a special promotion good for the month of May ONLY!  Listed as one of the “25 Most Influential Preaching Books of the Past 25 Years” by Preaching.com, Preparing Expository Sermons is available as a completely transportable and convenient […]


Training Pastors Under Persecution: Video Interview

Pastor Daniel Fodorean knows times of persecution first-hand. He also believes that “freedom or not, we can train pastors!” Growing up in Romania, Pastor Daniel chose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in spite of living under an oppressive political regime that tried to eliminate religion. “Nobody can stop the Church,” he says. “The Church will still serve the Lord no matter the circumstances. Also, when we want to train leaders, no matter if there is freedom or not, we can train leaders.” He admits it was–and will be–hard. In his country, the Secret Police raided training sessions and arrested pastors. […]


Designer Shoes

This article “Designer Shoes” is reshared from RREACH. Searching for worship music and sneakers on the internet, a young man started noticing a strange occurrence. Several Christian pastors wore rather expensive sneakers in the pictures on their church websites. The shoes ranged from $600 to $3,000. This trend alarmed him, and he asked a question, “What is OK as far as optics … as far as pastors wearing hype or designer clothing?”. His Instagram post started a blaze of comment from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times and several other media outlets. Public criticism is an occupational hazard of Christian leadership. […]