February 6, 2020
Pastor Josh talks about the true cost of ministry which goes beyond financial resources.

The True Cost of Ministry

reshared with kind permission from Josh Reich. Picture this, your church just pulled off a big event, and you are sitting in a room evaluating it and deciding if it was a success. The answers are often dependent on how excited you were before the event and during it — the number of people who attended, people who became Christians, or how you experienced the event. Then someone asks, “Do we do this again next year?” Now, if you are smart, you would stop the conversation at this point. Churches are notorious for throwing money after things they’ve done before […]
July 16, 2019

Building Community in the Church

reshared with kind permission from author Barry Voss.  An important and often unrecognized role of the church leader is to build community among those he or she leads.  Just as Christ surrounded Himself with his disciples and lived in fellowship with them, we too as leaders must develop a Christian community among our people as well.  We need to recognize that God desires that we work together in ministry, with each of us being a part of the Body of Christ.  No person can do all of the work of the ministry alone.  By developing a community of faithful believers […]
July 4, 2019

Why People Choose Your Church

resharing with kind permission from the Breeze church.  How did you end up at the church you attend? I bet you have your reasons. Maybe you even wrote them down when you were church shopping or searching for a job. Most people have a list, even if they don’t know it. It’s often intuitive. Do you know what people are looking for? Research is helpful in this area and I’ve noticed trends in my own conversations with people who recently chose to make our church home or recently decided to leave. So, here’s the top six reasons I believe people […]
December 4, 2017


By Donna Tan In Part I, I made mention of three things to check in order to keep our marriages intact amidst the pile of ministry commitments. Check Ourselves Check Our Team Check Our Purpose Here are three other areas you’d want to also keep in check. They are going to help you in your ministry. Let’s continue. Check Your Support Base Other than your family, you also have a support base. If you don’t have one yet, then strongly consider! Your support base is composed of people who recognize and respect your relationship with God, and your relationship with […]
June 19, 2017
Children in ministry

Children in Ministry: How we can nurture our relationships

How can pastors nurture their relationship with their children in the midst of the pressures of ministry? Serving the Lord in ministry is a great privilege for anyone, and the rewards can be undeniably fulfilling. I could not think of anything else that can bring the same sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life as doing ministry, much more if it is your full-time calling. This is because the desire of God that we love and serve one another is being fulfilled in our life, and the joy that comes from selflessness is simply incomparable. While we can identify the […]