church planting

September 21, 2019

Can Anything Grow in the Desert? Testimony from a Pastoral Trainer in Kenya

Watch our video interview with Pastor Tasse, be encouraged, and learn more about MentorLink International’s resources for training leaders who lead like Jesus. A written interview is below, as well as links to the MentorLink courses. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel for future interviews. “ With explosive numeric growth but few trained pastors, Christ’s Church in the great continent of Africa has been described by African leaders as “a mile wide and an inch deep”—a description which can fit many congregations anywhere. Kenyan pastoral trainer Pastor Alia Tasse rejoices over the rampant church planting in Africa. […]
May 12, 2018

Interview with The Timothy Initiative Asian Continental Director (Free Resources)

The Timothy Initiative equips pastors and pastoral trainers alike to train their churches to become disciples who make disciples. We are heartened by the progress that has been made through the efforts of this key ministry. In just over ten years time, TTI has trained disciples to be disciple-makers partnering together in the planting of over 50,000 churches all around the globe! They now want to partner with you and are generously sharing their many incredible resources with all the pastoral trainers and leaders of the GProCommission free of charge and available to you on the GProLearning site. We invite […]