May 1, 2018

6 Indicators that it’s Time to End a Ministry

Post reshared with kind permission of Breeze church.  Here’s something I’ve learned recently: Every program, ministry and even church has a life cycle. It’s either picking up steam or running out of energy. It really has nothing to do with how long a church, ministry or program has been around; rather it’s all about energy. A few times a year, we gather key leadership for a strategic conversation. Part of this conversation includes evaluating every ministry and program in our church and placing each in one of four categories. Accelerating Booming Declining Tanking Occasionally, when we all agree that a […]
November 15, 2017

4 Ideas for More Engaging Church Staff Meetings

Please note: Article by Aaron Burr originally appeared on Breeze.  Reposting with kind permission from Breeze. What is the one thing that church employees complain about the most? Meetings.   Credit: The Office That’s right. People hate meetings. Why? Because they are boring and keep us from getting our work done. You know what? Let’s get rid of meetings! Down with all meetings! Ok, that probably won’t work. Actually, the truth is I don’t hate meetings. (Gasp!) Well, I hate bad meetings but I actually enjoy good meetings. Our Tuesday morning team meeting is the highlight of my week. It wasn’t […]