Interview with The Timothy Initiative Asian Continental Director (Free Resources)

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May 10, 2018
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May 16, 2018

Interview with The Timothy Initiative Asian Continental Director (Free Resources)


The Timothy Initiative equips pastors and pastoral trainers alike to train their churches to become disciples who make disciples. We are heartened by the progress that has been made through the efforts of this key ministry. In just over ten years time, TTI has trained disciples to be disciple-makers partnering together in the planting of over 50,000 churches all around the globe! They now want to partner with you and are generously sharing their many incredible resources with all the pastoral trainers and leaders of the GProCommission free of charge and available to you on the GProLearning site.

We invite you to take these action steps: Watch, Reach Out and Access!

  • WATCH the GProCommunity short video interview below with Fregy John, the Asian Continental Director of the Timothy Initiative.
  • REACH OUT and take the survey HERE to see how you can partner with them to help make your church a disciple-making church!
  • ACCESS their resources for free on

The GProCommunity Team: What is your role at The Timothy Initiative (TTI)?

Fregy John: I work as the Asian Continental Director in TTI.

GProCommunity Team: How does the training program work with TTI?

Fregy John: TTI is a disciple-making and church planting organization, but the vehicle in which we travel is the training of church planters and disciple-makers. In other words, we accomplish our goal through training the church planters and disciple-makers in our local churches. So it’s vital and it’s the lifeline of TTI.

GProCommunity Team: How many are currently enrolled in your courses total?

Fregy John: In Asia alone, we have 1,560 training centres and 35,604 under training. We trained 15,000 church planters across 27 countries in 2017. I am talking about those who finished a two-year church planters training who have been certified based upon their performance in the field, resulting in planting at least one church by each of these graduates. At the same time, all our graduates are expected to train two of their disciples. Since we don’t track these numbers officially, we don’t claim them, even though the numbers can be big.  

GProCommunity Team: Can you share one recent praise report/testimony from a pastor you trained?

Fregy John: One of my pastor friends from a North Indian state who started the TTI training program in his church reported to me that he had originally worked for 17 years in the same place and he had 75-100 members in his local church. He started a TTI centre in his church and 27 people from his church initially joined, but a few left in between. Out of this batch, 17 of them planted churches and now he has 17 branch churches and 350-plus members in his main church with no additional resources and burden on him! But he has enough trained leaders who help him and the ministry is growing and expanding.

GProCommunity Team: What is your greatest challenge in training pastors?

Fregy John: One of our biggest challenges is to change the mindset of pastors before they train others. We need to give them a bigger, broader vision beyond their local church. The next is to challenge their priorities and help them to realize the importance of training others. It ought to be their primary job or responsibility as an equipper and coach.

GProCommunity Team: What is your biggest concern for the pastors you train?

Fregy John: My biggest concern is the individual development of the pastors we train and how we can improve their leadership capabilities. That’s why now we focus not only on training the pastors to train the next generation of disciple-makers in the local church and to plant churches, but also to train the pastors to be better leaders and become the leaders of movements.


To access the amazing wealth of resources from TTI simply go to To learn how you can partner with them, visit their website or take their short survey HERE 


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