Resources to Help During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Pastor Forero shares the thought that being in quarantine doesnt equal stillness. Being still before the Lord is where true peace can be found.
Quietude versus Quarentena
May 4, 2020
Encouragement durant le COVID-19
May 19, 2020

Resources to Help During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Resources hand selected for support during the Covid-19 pandemic for pastoral leaders and trainers of pastors.

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All over the world, people are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. As trainers of pastors and pastoral leaders, you and your family are on the front lines of the spiritual response to this pandemic.

We want you to know that at this most crucial time, the GProCommunity team is praying for you. We also want to serve and encourage you, your family, and your ministry by sharing a timely message from a different member of our team from their region of the world.

  • For our first article, content curator, Dr. Jason Richard Tan shares from the Philippines. We encourage you to read his timely article on Isaiah’s call to repentance. Access here.
  • For our next article, Spanish language content curator, Pastor César Forero shares from his home in Panama. We encourage you to read his article about stillness in this season of quarantine. Access here. 
  • Ali Khalil, our Media and Technology Manager, based out of Lebanon, emboldens with his urgent call to Christians to persevere in spite of the panic that surrounds us. Coming soon.
  • Our Argentina based GProCentral Manager Germán Ricca, addresses the spiritual and emotional needs of pastoral leaders during these stressful times. Coming soon.
  • GProCentral associate Gabriel Lauter writes to us from beautiful Brazil. In his devotional, Gabriel urges us all to tune out the many voices around us, in order to better listen to the Good Shepherd. Coming Soon.
  • Dr. Ramesh Richard has created many helpful resources for you and your ministry in this time of worldwide turmoil. Access here.


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