How & Who

The Global Proclamation Commission 2021-2030           

The GProCommission (2021–2030) stewards the possibilities and opportunities of a lifetime of relationships, experience, and information. It is the goal of this decade-long human capital campaign to train one million pastoral leaders from whom will emerge 100,000 pastor-trainers who in turn train more pastoral leaders. 

• The virtual loop captures the repetition, perpetuation, and expansion of the solutions to fit the scale of problems and opportunities.

• The actionable plan: Trainers of pastors are the engine of the GProCommission

• A practical model: On average, One Reach One each year for 10 years (and beyond)

     ➡ One Trainer trains One Pastor =10 pastoral leaders

        ➡ One Pastor develops One Leader =100 church leaders

            ➡ One Leader equips One Believer =1,000 maturing believers

               ➡ One Believer reaches One Unbeliever =10,000 people blessed

• Our local impact: The next billion individuals (100,000 pastor-trainers x 10,000 people)

DRAFT DEFINITION: Your Input Requested

Trainer of Pastors: Definition

A pastor-trainer strengthens pastoral leaders for pastoral ministry through intentional training in any format—non-formal, formal, or informal—to improve pastoral health for the sake of church health.