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The Global Proclamation Commission 2021-2030           

The GProCommission (2021–2030) stewards the possibilities and opportunities of a lifetime of relationships, experience, and information. It is the goal of this decade-long human capital campaign to train one million pastoral leaders from whom will emerge 100,000 pastor-trainers who in turn train more pastoral leaders. 

Trainer of Pastors: Definition

A pastor-trainer strengthens pastoral leaders for pastoral ministry through intentional training in any format—non-formal, formal, or informal—to improve pastoral health for the sake of church health.

Training of Pastors: Recommended Emphases & Outputs*

Maturity: Christlikeness & Character

  1. Spiritual Life – Grows in Christ-likeness internally and affirmed by spouse and family, displayed externally and acknowledged by ministry leaders. Godly character nurtured through spiritual disciplines including regular Bible reading, prayer, peer-friendship, and trusting God, and then validated by another. Consistently lives the calling, gifting, and the fruit of the Spirit with the qualities of deacons and/or elders confirmed by the congregation.

Discernment: Bible & Theology

  1. Bible Study Methods – Observes, interprets, and applies the different genres of Scripture using various passages in the Old and New Testaments.
  2. Bible Survey – Demonstrates knowledge of the flow and content of the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Basic Theology – Possesses basic knowledge of key doctrines—God, Bible, Humanity, Salvation, Church, Future; and especially, the “alones”: Christ, Bible, Grace, and Faith, all for God’s glory.

Proclamation: Preaching & Teaching

  1. Preaching & Teaching: Preaching – learns a process to regularly prepare & deliver sermons based upon various types of Biblical texts from the Old and New Testament; Teaching – Facilitates learning for individuals or small groups. Appropriate dynamics and education principles including adults, youth, and children. Lesson plans for mentoring, coaching, and teaching believers to pass on what they have learned.

Service: Church & World

  1. Church: Leading – Uses the knowledge and skills necessary in leadership and management to develop a community of believers; Discipling – Helps a believer acquire the skills to grow spiritually (including Bible study, prayer, and evangelism) and in ministry leadership; Counseling – Displays listening, caring, and encouragement skills using the Scripture to help people trust God in their pain, sorrow, anger, etc. Ministered to and through marriages, families, and children.
  2. World: Evangelizing – Shares the gospel with unbelievers, including adults and children; Church Planting – Gathers a group of believers into a growing and functioning body. Community service – Equips believers to bless near-and-far neighbors facing socio-economic need with Christ-like compassion.
*Adapted from Trainers of Pastors International Coalition [TOPIC] discussion and proposals, May 2000 

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Virtual Loop

  • The virtual loop captures the repetition, perpetuation, and expansion of the solutions to fit the scale of problems and opportunities.
  • The actionable plan: Trainers of pastors are the engine of the GProCommission
  • practical model: On average, One Reach One each year for 10 years (and beyond)

     ➡ One Trainer trains One Pastor =10 pastoral leaders

        ➡ One Pastor develops One Leader =100 church leaders

            ➡ One Leader equips One Believer =1,000 maturing believers

               ➡ One Believer reaches One Unbeliever =10,000 people blessed

  • Our local impact: The next billion individuals (100,000 pastor-trainers x 10,000 people)