How we do it


The Global Proclamation Commission for Trainers of Pastors

Economists working on a Christian version of “corporate social responsibility” are finding that drug addiction, prostitution, alcohol use and other crime is reduced in communities where churches are healthier. Church health impacts societal health.

On the other hand, in 1994 Rwanda was the most “Christianized” country in Africa—some 90 percent of the people identified themselves as Christians. And yet, over a 100-day period, nearly 1 million people were killed in genocide there. It left the Hindu and Muslim worlds saying “if that is Christianity, we don’t want anything to do with it.”

An unhealthy church—extremely superficial and easily turned from biblical Christianity—only reinforces the misperceptions non-believers have about Christianity.

To have healthier churches we must have healthier pastors.

To have healthier pastors, we connect, unite and strengthen trainers of pastors: the human core of pastoral effectiveness.

The launching pad

The mid-decade push toward the better training of large numbers of pastors happened in June 2016. More than 2,500 trainers of pastors from 101 countries attended the historic 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers — a connecting, resourcing and planning event. This GProCongress was the first large-scale, global and strategic conference focused solely on training pastors—both through formal and non-formal training initiatives—and served as a launching pad for the Global Proclamation Commission for Trainers of Pastors for the acceleration of quality pastoral training by 2020.

The GProCommission for Trainers of Pastors is a strong, global pipeline that moves resources and relationships begun during the GProCongress to unite in purpose and vision, and to strengthen their spirits to complete the mission.

The platform

At the GProCongress, delegates were invited to train, on average, 25 pastors per year for the following four years, two of which will in turn become pastoral trainers per year. As of January 1, 2018, delegates have pledged to train over 300,000 pastors by 2020., a robust and secure online networking platform is in place to encourage, track and report delegates’ progress toward their commitments. It serves 3,788 pastoral trainers and leaders. As of the beginning of 2018, 13,000 have connected online, shared resources, and posted updates regarding their training commitments.

GProLearning, our free multilingual online resource database designed for pastoral leaders and pastoral trainers alike has thousands of downloadable resources and study helps in six languages and growing! More resources are added daily as we continue to build partnerships with like-minded, biblically sound curriculum writers and pastoral training ministries.

GProCentral, our team from over eight different time zones, speaking a cumulative twenty different languages are available to encourage and pray for pastors or those involved in the work of training pastors. They make hundreds of calls/emails/messages each month to encourage and support pastoral trainers and pastoral leaders in over 68 countries, as well as assist with the translation of GProCommission newsletters and interviews.

The GProCommission monthly email updates, now distributed in French and Spanish as well as English, are designed so that anyone can sign up to receive them. The updates feature pastoral training reports from around the world as well as highlight various ministries that are developing free curriculum in various languages. Currently, we have had over 2,100 downloads of various pastoral training courses, including multi-language resources.

GProCalendar, our international calendar shares quality and biblically sound pastoral training events occuring all over the globe.

We only expect the momentum to grow. We have created online communities of interest for knowledge and experience sharing. We are working to provide translation tools for conversations, and we are adding resources regularly for the benefit of all.

Coaching relationships for strategy and accountability that began during the GProCongress also continue online, helping both individuals and groups find ways of implementing the vision in their unique contexts.

We are invested in ensuring that the GProCommission network stays strong. Therefore, we are reaching out to the community at regular intervals to stir their interests in remembering and fulfilling their commitments. With this effective follow-up, we will pursue our measureable outcome: 100,000 connected, united, and strengthened pastors and 20,000 more pastoral trainers ministering in 200 countries by 2020."