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May 16, 2017

The Secret to Longevity in Marriage and Ministry

On May 5, 1959, two sweethearts exchanged “I Do’s” in a small church, in a remote barrio (countryside) north of the Philippines. This year, 2017, they celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary. They also celebrate the same number of years in service to God’s work. This couple is Met and Ina Castillo, my dear parents. Dad is now 82, while Mom is 80, yet they are still active and passionate about the ministry. Wherever they go, people will often ask,“What is your secret?”  They have much advice to give, but one ingredient that I have had the privilege to witness growing […]
May 9, 2017

Christ-like Leadership (It’s all about Christ-likeness)

  As we reflect back on the GProCongress in 2016, we recall that pastoral health is key to church health, societal health and ultimately transformation. It was a running undercurrent or theme to the GProCongress. Why? Because the quality of our influence hinges on being a holistically healthy pastor. During the parallel session on Spiritual Engagement, we hammered this theme hard, digging ever deeper into the importance of what it means to be a Christ-like leader! It’s so pivotal that the movement I’m a part of, highlights it as our second of four core outcomes. Even the Lausanne Movement in […]
April 22, 2017

Takeshi Takazawa Prayer Update

One of the core values of the GProCommission is exchanging encouragement and a vital way we encourage one another is through prayer. For many of us, a very real battle began at the conclusion of the Congress and is still ongoing, like our wonderful GProCongress morning MC, Brother Takeshi Takazawa, who has been grappling with severe kidney issues since the Congress ended. He and his wife Dorrie, have been grateful for your ongoing prayers and gave their kind permission to share the most recent update. Please take a moment to pray for them but you may also find yourself encouraged […]
April 21, 2017

How do you dream bigger?

Pastor J, a former family court probation officer, could be enjoying his retirement years by taking a well-deserved rest, perhaps using his nest egg for a once in a lifetime getaway. This man of God, however, is currently studying at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) and investing his time, energy, money and fundraising efforts into ministry. An evangelist involved in several ministry streams including youth and prison outreach, Pastor J first heard about the Congress while attending chapel at DTS. The chapel speaker for that day “happened” to be Dr. Ramesh Richard. Pastor J asked Dr. Richard if there would be […]