Anticipated Qualitative Outcomes:

  1. Pastor-training established as a high priority strategy in fulfilling Christ’s Final Commission;
  2. Geographic and ministry affinities in the “industry” strengthened;
  3. Better-quality resources from more resource providers featured;
  4. National Pastor-Trainer cohorts nurtured;
  5. The number of validated pastoral leaders trained and qualified pastor-trainers increased.

Anticipated Quantitative Outcomes:

1m pastors better trained|100,000 new pastor-trainers|10,000 relevant curriculums|1000 organizations and institutions|100 countries where Christ’s Church is growing|10 years. (Cf. 2040: 10m leaders|100m believers|1000m individuals).

Impacts & Benefits:

  1. Pastoral health enhanced;
  2. Church health accelerated;
  3. Societal health improved to reach the next billion individuals with spiritual health offered in God’s Word.