Facilitating Organization

The Global Proclamation Commission 2021-2030 is a satellite ministry of Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health (RREACH). A global proclamation ministry, RREACH’s vision is to change the way One Billion Individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ.

RREACH has a strategic burden for evangelizing opinion leaders and strengthening pastoral leaders, especially of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

RREACH’s ministry training efforts have a 30-plus year history, including the highlights below, which helped lay the foundation for the current decade-long effort.


RREACH’s efforts to connect, unite and strengthen pastoral leaders date back to 1997, with the convening of a meeting of 99 West-based pastoral training organizational leaders who were convicted of “the sin of doing one’s own thing,” when it was clear more would be accomplished with an organized, cooperative effort. TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition) resulted from the meeting as an umbrella organization to champion the cause of non-formal pastoral training worldwide.


A decade later, efforts to deliver better training to more pastoral leaders focused on bridging the formal/non-formal training divide. At the 2010 Lausanne Congress, pastoral trainers from both training sectors came together. The resulting document, The Cape Town Pastoral Trainers Declaration, states, “We declare together that we shall endeavor to build trust, involve each other, and leverage the strengths of each sector to prepare maturing shepherds for the proclamation of God’s Word and the building up of Christ’s Church in all the nations of the world.”


RREACH convened the Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors in Bangkok, Thailand, to connect, unite and strengthen pastor-trainers—the human core of pastoral effectiveness and the means by which local church health better fulfills God’s Great Commission. The four-year follow up effort to the GProCongress—called the GProCommission—commenced July 1, 2016 and sought to extend the goals of the Congress. 


The GProCommission sought to capture in statistical form the number of pastors being trained around the world by various pastor-training organizations and institutions, churches, and individuals. RREACH acknowledges the immense work of the respective trainers of pastors. This 2021 report further reinforces the great need and opportunity in the training of pastoral leaders, especially where Christ’s Church is growing. Click here to view the report.