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The GProCommission Executive Overview

Global Proclamation Commission (2021-2030, D.V.)

“All pastoral leaders trained; every pastor a trainer”

Critical Question:

How can we accelerate church health to keep pace with church growth? With only about 10% of pastors trained for pastoral ministry, can we accomplish the faster delivery of better training to more pastoral leaders at lower costs? Since pastoral health affects church health and church health affects societal health, shall we collaboratively reduce the critical deficit of trained pastors especially where Christ’s church is growing?

Our Response:

The GProCommission of RREACH (2021-2030). RREACHABILITY 2030 stewards the possibilities and opportunities of 30+ years of information and influence, and especially the last decade (RREACHABLE 2020). The goal of reducing the deficit of trained pastors by 5% by documenting the training of 100,000 pastoral leaders of numerous sister-initiatives was exceeded, under budget, ahead of schedule—280,000+ pastoral leaders better trained for pastoral ministry.

The GProCommission now anticipates another decade-long, human capital campaign. We expect to connect, unite, strengthen 100,000 pastor-trainers to train one million pastoral leaders, thus reducing the training deficit of pastors by 30% to 50%. We shall further the training of large numbers of the undertrained by every effective and efficient means possible. Through personal, media and local proclamation, RREACH envisions reaching the next billion individuals with spiritual health.

But How?:

The GProCommission is facilitated by RREACH in association with Pastor-Trainer Hubs and Pastor-Training Ministries—individuals, churches, organizations and institutions—through cause-related events, disciplined follow up, on-site/online training with assessed learning, and the validation of the trained by qualified trainers. As a global ministry instrument, it will complement sister movements, especially in church planting and leadership development, and also benefit from the global umbrella of historic evangelical entities.